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international czech championship 2007 mixed

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Friday,30th of March 2007

13 - 22 czech championship in mixed
17,30 opening ceremonies

Saturday, 31th of March 2007

9 - 19 czech championship in mixed
20,00 curlers party at gml (reception, dj, dance, strudel, ...)

Sunday, 1st of April 2007

9 - 16 czech championship in mixed
16,30 final round
18,30 closing ceremonies

Monday, 2nd of April 2007

10 - 17 sandeam tournament

18 - 22 V.I.P. tournament

Tuesday, 3rd of April 2007

9 - 14 secondary schools competition

15 - 22 curling for public

Wednesday, 4th of April 2007

curling camp for teachers on secondary schools

curling for public

Thursday, 5th of April 2007

9 - 17 Mix Handicap curling Brno (wheelchair tournament)


Secondary schools competition became inevitable part of organizing this championship. Even though the competition is extremely popular among the students of GML, unfortunately we still have not allured many enthusiasts from other secondary schools in Czech, although last year one of the teams came as far as from Poděbrady!


We would end up in a deep debt if there was not financial support from south Moravia region, City of Brno and private firms. Tournament V.I.P. is the expression of our great thanks.


Traditionally after the championship there is an opportunity for wide public to try curling. We will provide curling equipment, there will be an experienced instructor on each sheet who will explain the basic rules of the game and give advice what to do at the beginning. There was an unexpected zeal from Brno’s public last year so it might be preferable to call in advance whether the sheets were available.


After last year shared training with some wheelchair bounds from SK Kocianka, we have decided to organize for the first time also a tournament for them. We are also considering (and it would be surely interesting) to play an exhibition in mixed teams – curler + handicapped.