Usefull Information for Graduation

Here we have prepared something for graduating students. You can find here graduation themes, helpful materials, with which you can learn for graduation and also maturita exams and listening exams.

Themes for UZK MZ 2010

1. Personal Identification, Personal Characteristics and Family

2. Family and family activities

3. Home and it's Surroundings

4. Home - Habitation, Household, Houseworks

5. Everyday Life

6. Education - Study and school

7. Education and Society

8. Free Time - Entertainment and Sport

9. Free Time - Culture and Arts

10. Free Time - Hobbies, Social Events

11. Human Relationships and Multicultural Society

12. Travelling - Holidays, Trpis

13. Travelling and Traffic

14. Health and Hygiene

15. Feeding and healthy food

16. Gastronomy

17. Shopping and Life Style

18. Jobs

19. Services – Traffic and Communication

20. Services and Life Style

21. Society and Media

22. Society - Habbits and Traditions

23. Society - Life in Today's Society

24. Geography and Nature

25. Geography and Nature - Natural Environment

Graduation themes for the year 2010/2011 – profile part

Daily routine, hobbies; the Czech Republic
(working days, weekends, parts of the day, time, hobbies, calls and invitations; some basic facts of the geography, history, culture, political system of the CR)

Food and eating habits; my home town
(types of food, drinks, eating out, ordering in restaurant, cooking, favourite recipes, healthy eating, eating in GB, USA, table manners, national dishes, fast food; my home town – some facts of the past and present)

Religion, superstitions; history of GB I. (religion, beliefs, superstitions, sayings, proverbs; some basic facts of the British history from the beginnings to the end of the 16th century)

Home and furniture; European Union
(types of dwelling, parts of a house, equipment, housing problem in our country, household chores; some basic facts of the past and present of the European Union)

Family; system of government in GB
(family members, human life cycle, childhood, growing up, productive life, old age, death, generation gap; political system in GB, parliament, Royal family, political parties)

Travelling; Commonwealth of Nations
(preparing to travel, going by train, road, on foot, air /sea travel, types of accommodation; past and present of the British Empire, some member states of the Commonwealth of Nations today, English as a world language)

Sports and games; geography of the USA
(kinds of sport, winter/summer sports, outdoor/indoor activities, international competitions and ethics, equipment, sport and health; some basic facts of the geography of the USA, mountains, lowlands, rivers, climate, cities)

Health and medicine; history of GB II.
(at the doctor‘s, at the dentist‘s, in hospital, common diseases, accidents, first aid, medicine, medical care, keeping fit; some basic facts of the British history from the 17th century to the end of the 20th century)

Ecology; a great British or American personality
(environment, conservation, contemporary life, catastrophes, civilisation diseases; a British or American personality who made a deep impression on me)

Crime and punishment; system of education in the USA
(problems of society, types of crime – minor, serious, violent, law breakers, police and their duties, trial, sending to prison, prison life, alternative ways of punishment; types of schools in the USA)

Weather and climate; Canada
(important geographical terms, weather X climate, types of weather X climate, seasons of the year, weather forecast, social weather chat; Canada and its geography, history, culture, political system)

Shopping; history of the USA II
(shopping in general, various shops, various goods, prices, payments, differences in shopping system in our country and abroad; the USA in the 20th century)

Jobs and career; American literature I.
(occupations and professions, places of work, money, searching a job; American literature from the beginnings to the end of the 19th century)

Media; system of government in the USA
(role of mass media, radio, TV, newspapers and periodicals, internet, people working in media; political system of the USA , president, Congress, political parties)

Clothing; history of the USA I.
(colours, patterns, materials, footwear, ladies/men‘s wear, accessories, fashion; some basic facts of the American history from the beginnings to the end of the 19th century)

Towns, traffic, services; Prague
(village X town X city, types of buildings, landmarks and monuments, traffic, means of transport, public services, asking and telling the way, directions; some basic facts of the past and present of Prague)

Sightseeing; geography of GB
(planning a sightseeing tour, places of interest, town and city, historical periods and styles, joys of the countryside; some basic facts of the geography of GB, mountains and lowlands, rivers and lakes, climate, cities)

Living in the country; British literature I.
(village life, farming, domestic animals, agricultural plants, advantages X disadvantages, problems; British literature from the beginnings to the end of the 19th century)

Culture; British literature II.
(theatre, cinema, concerts and music, musical instruments, reading books; British literature in the 20th century)

Communication; American literature II.
(ways of communication in the past, present and future, post office, letters, parcels, telephoning, using computers; American literature in the 20th century)

Nature, animals, plants; Australia, New Zealand
(landscape, wildlife, animals in zoos, plants, flowers, trees, problem of the environment, catastrophes; Australia and New Zealand and their geography, political system, history, culture, natural beauties)

Festivals in my family; system of education in GB
(how and when festivals and holidays are celebrated in the CR, my family, differences, common phrases, congratulations; system of education in GB)

School life, studying; holidays in Britain, USA
(schools in our country, school problems, teenagers, various subjects in various types of schools, learning foreign languages; main national holidays in GB, USA, historical background and ways of celebrating)

People, characters, feelings, London
(characters, personal qualities and states, friendship, my best friend, meeting and visiting people, race relations, problems of multiethnicity and multiculturality; some basic facts of the past and present of London)

Modern life; press, TV, radio in GB, USA
(pros and cons of modern life, new technologies, civilization problems, social problems, drugs, vandalism, advantages and disadvantages of globalization; quality newspapers and tabloids in GB, USA, public and commercial radios and TVs, advertising)

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